Safety with Style
Universally Designed Home Concepts

At Abbie Joan Fine Living, we believe everyone deserves a life with dignity, and that luxury and accessibility should go hand in hand. In dedication to this belief, our founder, Abbie Sladick, became one of the first contractors in Naples, FL to become a Certified Aging in Place Specialist though the National Association of Home Builders. Whether you’re planning for future needs, or actively seeking solutions that make living more comfortable, there are many solutions available to create a home exuding style while still prioritizing safety and accessibility.

Here, we explore features of universally designed homes and selections our team of designers and craftsman have implemented in other homes focused on safety with style.

Whole Home Renovation with Inclusivity:

Abbie Joan Fine Living takes a holistic approach to whole home renovation, considering the diverse needs of homeowners. Our team collaborates with clients to transform entire spaces, implementing features like:

    • Wider doorways for a more accessible environment
    • Stylish and well-designed ramps for easier movement
    • Adjustable lighting systems to accommodate varying visual needs while enhancing ambiance
    • Non-slip flooring throughout the home.
    • Transition-free flooring between rooms for smooth mobility

Innovative Kitchen Remodeling:

Our kitchen remodeling services extend beyond aesthetics; we integrate features that make the heart of the home accessible to everyone. From lowered countertops to accommodate wheelchair users, to easy-to-reach storage solutions, to induction cooktops with front controls for safer cooking, our team ensures that every aspect of the kitchen is designed with safety and convenience in mind.

Bathroom Remodeling for All:

Abbie Joan Fine Living takes pride in crafting bathrooms that are both elegant and accessible. Our bathroom remodeling services cater to individuals with varying mobility needs, incorporating features such as:

  • Beautiful barrier-free showers that are both safe and spa like
  • Stylish slip-resistant and transition-free flooring
  • Sleek, mobility-conscientious hardware and decorative, strategically placed grab bars
  • Lowered toilets that enhance comfort without sacrificing quality or design

Custom Cabinetry with Functionality:

Our signature custom cabinetry is designed not just for beauty but also for functionality. We create cabinets that are easily reachable, with pull-out shelves and specialized storage options, ensuring that every homeowner can enjoy the convenience of a well-organized living space.

Safety Meets Elegance in Interior Design:

Beyond structural modifications, our interior design team specializes in creating spaces that are not only safe but also luxurious. Our experienced designers merge functionality with high-style by focusing on the details including:

  • Carefully selected furnishings that keep height and accessibility in mind
  • Recliners and sofas with features that sitting and standing easier
  • Thoughtfully chosen color palettes with consideration to contrast for improved visibility
  • Artwork placement that prioritizes everyone’s comfort, including those in wheelchairs
  • Soothing decorative elements that are chic yet considerate of individual sensory preferences for material textures, pattern styles, and lighting ambiance 

At Abbie Joan Fine Living, we redefine the concept of luxury living by seamlessly blending safety with style. Our commitment to universally designed homes reflect our dedication to providing design and remodeling services that enhance your lifestyle and cater to the unique needs of every homeowner. Elevate your living experience with Abbie Joan Fine Living, where accessibility meets sophistication in every detail.