Enhanced Beauty through Outdoor Living Spaces

Unless you live in Florida, it’s hard to understand what spring is like here. For the northern half of the country, folks are just barely deciding if it’s safe to step foot outside without a winter parka and boots (it’s not). For us, it’s the beginning of perfection – warmth, brilliance, and a great time to start thinking about designing our outdoor living spaces. The green – the temperate breezes – the flowers sprouting and blooming: So many things call to us and bid us to enjoy the peace and beauty that surrounds.

Some of the best ways to accentuate the peace and beauty of springtime are by improving gardening, landscaping, and home décor. Carefully implementing a comprehensive plan to include these elements changes what might be average into inviting, distinctive outdoor living spaces. These outdoor living spaces can showcase our personalities and ideals in amazing ways, and the possibilities are literally endless – restricted only by our imaginations and personal preferences.

Consider the following examples to inspire your outdoor space:

Increase opportunities for intimacy and private conversations, or add a place for quiet introspection; this simple but uniquely-shaped limestone bench can be a wonderful addition to your courtyard.

benches enhance outdoor living spaces

Is it time to modernize your pool? Maximize your fun, upgrade the design, and make your pool energy efficient. This gorgeous lakefront pool features open viewing, with large Palladian panels (only one vertical column) in the screened lanai. The spa has an infinity edge allowing the water to cascade beautifully over the mosaic glass tiles. The pool has a large sun shelf for added fun for swimmers of all ages.

nothing completes the outdoor living space like a pool

Wall décor offers another way to individualize your outdoor living space. The possibilities in this area are vast, ranging from subtle to complementary to striking. The example below is a tri-panel piece that draws the eye and reflects light and warmth back to the viewer.

wall decor for the outdoor living space adds personality

There is no way for us to feature all the ways that you can enhance beauty through the creation of outdoor living spaces, and we barely have scratched the surface. But we hope we have inspired you, as we strive to help people capture and enable their visions. Get more inspiration with a visit to our gallery. Then let us help you achieve your outdoor living space dreams. Get in touch!