Remodeling Big 50: Bites

Abbie Sladick has built her business by valuing her clients and their needs. For Abbie, business is personal. In this edition of Big50 Bites, we hear from Abbie Sladick, president of Abbie Joan Fine Living, who shares the low-tech and high-tech approaches her company takes to marketing. Listen to the interview.

Abbie Joan Inducted Into Big 50 Class

May 2015 – Handholding as an art form: That’s what this remodeling company specializes in. Abbie Sladick’s one-room studio holds cabinet displays, an ample storage closet for product samples, and a long white conference table. Most clients are renovating a second or even third home; about 90% don’t live in Naples year round, so they need to rely on someone who will take charge of what they need. Read more at Remodeling Big 50

Remodeling 550

August 2015 – Like a fine red wine Abbie Joan Fine Living has been developing over the last 15 years. The palate texture, flavor profile and levels of aromatic complexities experienced in older, mature bottles of wine offer unequaled tasting experiences that cannot be replicated in younger wines. We think the same goes for a great company. We are thrilled to be named #121 on Remodeling Magazines list of top remodelers nationally in the Full Service […]

Business Models

by Jean Gruss | Editor/Lee-Collier – Friday, July 31, 2015 Executive Summary Companies.  Beattie Development and Abbie Joan Fine Living   Industry.  Home remodeling   Key.  Growing bigger is not necessarily better. It’s the little things that count. Just ask Paul Beattie. A $50 drywall repair for a new customer in 2011 turned into a contract to build a $350,000 waterfront home in Cape Coral. It’s that kind of attention to the job — no […]

8 Tips to Prevent Falls at Any Age

Preventing Falls is one of the easiest way to keep my family healthy and friends healthy at my home. Falls happen at any age and with a bit of smart planning you can keep those you love safe. 1. Install safe places to held wherever you need in the bathroom. – There are no rules! Install a small bar both in and out of the shower so that you can stay balanced when your feet […]

Safety with Style – Universal Solutions to Better Living

This morning I am writing my blog dedicated to a very dear friend. Over the last few months this incredibly stylish, creative, knowledgeable young woman has begun to have difficulties walking and using her left hand. She has been scouring the Internet for information on how to keep herself safe in her home without her living environment looking like a nursing home. She has been frustrated at the lack of useful information. Over the past […]

Time Magazine

Get Smart About Design April 2005 – One day those sweeping staircases, highly polished tile floors and sunken tubs in your dream castle may not be so easy to navigate. Interior-design experts urge homeowners who intend to stay put for the long run to consider adding what’s known as universal-design features–home modifications that improve access and use for people of all ages and physical abilities. It’s best to start thinking about those features when you […]

Metal and glass garden flowers

Finding Surprises in the Garden

This summer in my travels I had the opportunity spend time in San Francisco. Normally when I am travelling for business I am in and out of a city without getting the time to enjoy it. This trip I explored the city by foot, spent time in the different neighborhoods and discovered many hidden treasures as we explored urban gardens. This City by the Bay has the perfect climate for lush and vibrant flower gardens. Nestled […]

A Beautiful Life

  This month’s makeover designer is a bit of celebrity in the residential design/remodel- ing business well beyond Naples, where her touch is reflected in homes from Port Royal and Pelican Bay to Wyndemere and Grey Oaks. Abbie Sladick of Abbie Joan Fine Living was selected by Remodeling magazine to join the Remodeling Big 50 as one of the country’s best remodeling companies……Read More…Luxe July Makeover Abbie Joan)

Happy Fourth of July! Parades, picnics and patriotism are what this holiday is all about. This weekend will be celebrating summer in Naples with great activities. Moe’s Firecracker 5K Naples 4th of July Parade Fireworks are the Beach Ft. Myers Miracle Baseball Game and Fireworks Paul’s Favorite BBQ Recipe (William Sonoma Korean Short Ribs)