4 Luxuries to Include in Your Bathroom Remodel


Today’s bathrooms are not designed purely to be functional. In fact, the best bathrooms are those that provide a wonderful escape. We’ve installed TV screens behind mirrors, warming drawers, and other modern accoutrements in our clients’ bathrooms, but it’s being able to create the luxury of a home spa that makes a bathroom remodel worthwhile. These four luxuries are the ones we think will spoil you the most.

Textures and Surfaces

Bathrooms no longer have to be mundane, hidden areas of your home. In fact, your bathroom, whether a private master retreat or a guest bath with panache, can be beautiful as well as functional. One way to achieve this kind of beauty is by mixing textures and surfaces. Glass, rock, wood, and quartz all combine to create a luxurious space you’ll enjoy spending time in.

Unique Basins

You no longer have to install the standard white basin sink that carves into the beauty of your countertop. Your sink basin, faucet, and the counter surface can all be chosen to reflect your personal aesthetic and to complement the rest of your bathroom design. The selections are limitless and can be custom designed to fit your space.

Open Space and Light

We have all been in bathrooms that feel more like dark closets, but there’s no reason not to reimagine the space you have, opening your bathroom and adding lighting and mirrors to make it more inviting. Consider adding a vanity area as we did in this bathroom, to take advantage of the open space and lighting.

Turn Your Shower into a Spa

Unless you truly use a tub for bathing, it’s often better to remove the tub altogether and use the space for a larger, more luxurious shower. Consider multiple sprayers, a rain shower faucet, and a built-in bench. Walk-in showers are ideal for allowing you to continue using the bathroom as you age. If you do enjoy the occasional soak in the tub, a separate jetted soaker tub can offer you the best of both worlds.

At Abbie Joan Fine Living, we help you create the bathroom – and home – that you love, customizing everything to meet your needs and fulfill your ideals. Contact us today and let us help you get started.